Usina de Campeões

Educational Excellence

Welcome to Usina de Campeões - the educational consultancy that helps you develop your educational programs for online courses.

We specialize in offering advice and mentoring for the professional development and training of company professionals, through their corporate university.

person sitting in front bookshelf
person sitting in front bookshelf
First of all

What we do?

Created in 2007, "Usina de Campeões"  provides support and mentoring for the development of educational projects, including digital courses, methodologies, projects and installation of corporate universities, training of a team of educators, lectures, among other activities.


Exclusive Training

Plant de Champions develops training and lectures to serve the corporate public and also to meet the needs of educators who wish to be aligned with the most modern techniques and technologies to develop their digital products.

man standing behind flat screen computer monitor
man standing behind flat screen computer monitor
  • in-company courses

  • On-site training

  • Online training

  • Instructional and Motivational Lectures

  • Diagnostic Evaluation

consulting and mentoring

Educational Consulting

Our specialty is the development of complete educational programs, both for the corporate environment and for direct offering to the public.

two women sitting at a table looking at a computer screen
two women sitting at a table looking at a computer screen
  • Mentorship for course creation

  • Advice for Corporate University

  • Team training

  • Content recording studio

  • Studio for podcasts

  • Implementation of a customized corporate teaching platform.

  • Offer of basic courses for the implementation of a Corporate University

educaTional platform

Educational Platform

In addition to all personalized work, you can also access our courses, through individual purchase or monthly subscription, which allows you to access most courses for a fixed monthly fee, regardless of the number of courses you attend. This plan includes all basic courses and technical courses. Only premium courses, which, in general, are linked to mentoring and consulting programs, do not have access released by subscription packages.

man in blue and white checked shirt wearing eyeglasses
man in blue and white checked shirt wearing eyeglasses

About us

"Usina de Campeões" is a consultancy based in the city of Londrina/PR and specialized in the development and delivery of educational projects that use educational technologies as a basis to serve both academic and corporate audiences.

Get in touch with us and take the development of your digital education to another level.

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